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Ben & Kerri – Engagement Portraits

Marriage is such a beautiful thing. Em and I have been privileged enough to experience the joys of being married for just over 7 months now and it really is amazing. Having the opportunity to see others embark on the journey of wedded bliss is such an amazing thing and it gets us super excited when we get to capture those times!

Kerri is a dear friend of mine that I have known for many years now. She too is a South African native who is marrying an American, so you could say that I can very much relate. Ben, originally from Montana, moved to the city of Atlanta and has begun to set down his roots in the south. Recently we met up with them to hang out and capture some fun moments and finished up the evening with a visit to Antico Pizza! That place ROCKS! You seriously need to try it if you have not.

To make a long story longer, Em and I had a great time getting to know them more and were really pleased with the pictures. We hope that you all love them too!



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